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Is currency Undervalued or Overvalued?

In today’s world, currency FX rate plays an important role in trade. Major export countries purposely keep their exchange rate low to boost exports and remain competitive among other. This post is to understand the impact of currency devaluation and … Continue reading

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Bitcoin – Crypto Currency

Bitcoin – Crypto Currency Last month I came to know about this currency while surfing about IMF (International monetary fund) but this one will be next big sensation especially after current currency crisis in Greece. Actually currency crisis in Greece … Continue reading

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Risk Management – OTC Derivatives

Risk Management – Over the Counter (OTC) Derivatives Banks hold the loans and mortgages once they are originated.  Banks now handle billions and billions of money in derivative products. The growing volume of derivative markets across the globe and also … Continue reading

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Shanghai Hong Kong Connect – SHC

This is one of the initiative which I worked last year  and this one was pretty good learning. Let me give an overview this project and this is the first time China opening up the A-shares to foreigners. Because of … Continue reading

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Economics of growth!!

Recently started to study this book and it is quite informative about world economics. Like to share the link here Click to access aghionh9.pdf

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Clearing arrangements!!

Today I like to say few things about clearing. Clearing is an area which I started to work recently and when I started to work I had few basic doubts about various account in clearing like position account, house account, … Continue reading

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How securities trading and settlement works?

How securities trading and settlement works? When I started working with my cash equity implementation I had numerous questions in my mind, especially how shares are transferred between two parties, how book keeping works, margining, and also how delivery vs … Continue reading

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Bloomberg EMS Integration – OMS

Order Management system(OMS) is the heart of front office system for any financial institutions. I got a  chance to build/design it for a leading financial institution. Prior to this implementation I had only basic knowledge on how share trading works … Continue reading

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My first post on blog!! Nothing is hard to understand if you understand basics clearly

Hello everyone this is Shankar Muthu. This blog is to publish or sharing my thoughts on my economics and personal interest to everyone. Big thanks for all the bloggers!

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