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End of 2017. Happy new year to everyone

It’s been long time I have n’t wrote any article and I am thinking of writing new posts going forward in 2018 (Happy new year to everyone). 2017 seems to be one of the fine/busy year in career wise and … Continue reading

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One Country – two currency (CNY and CNH)

After my last post, I thought of writing about China currency system and this article is about it. If you look at China they started economic reforms since 1978 and they achieved world second largest economy status. Economist are saying … Continue reading

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Thanks to everyone!

Hi, this post is for saying thanks to everyone who is viewing my blogs and encouraging me to write about my interest. Actually I started this blog to share my thoughts in my leisure time but by looking at the … Continue reading

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Is stock market really adds value to country economy?

Last few days I am thinking about this and found few answers as well. If understanding is different from your view, bloggers can comment and correct. Why countries economy is linked to Stock Market Index? If stock index goes high … Continue reading

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Bitcoin – Crypto Currency

Bitcoin – Crypto Currency Last month I came to know about this currency while surfing about IMF (International monetary fund) but this one will be next big sensation especially after current currency crisis in Greece. Actually currency crisis in Greece … Continue reading


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My first post on blog!! Nothing is hard to understand if you understand basics clearly

Hello everyone this is Shankar Muthu. This blog is to publish or sharing my thoughts on my economics and personal interest to everyone. Big thanks for all the bloggers!

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