End of 2017. Happy new year to everyone

It’s been long time I have n’t wrote any article and I am thinking of writing new posts going forward in 2018 (Happy new year to everyone). 2017 seems to be one of the fine/busy year in career wise and personally also (my little kid is growing).

I am thinking of sharing the books which I read in 2017 and it may help somebody who is looking to read books in the areas which I am interested.

As a new daddy I was thinking of few investment ideas and disciplined lifestyle. Hence I was looking for some book related and found Jim Rogers book called “A Gift to My Children: A Father’s Lessons for Life and Investing”. Actually this book will not provide any investment but it does provide more philosophical thoughts about investments. This is not only investment book, but a very good book for parents and it is packed with full of general life lessons from Jim Rogers with a passion for life.

Next book which I read in 2017 was “The little book that beats the market by Joel Greenblatt”. Actually I was looking for some book to explain about stock financial ratios like EPS, P/E etc. I found this book simply amazing to explain financial ratios in very simple terms. I recommend this book to every new beginner in investments and I strongly advise not to follow the trick which they mentioned in book.

Next book which I read in last year was Robert Kiyosaki book called “Rich dad and poor dad”. One of the best written book in well-organized way about financial education and lot of nice quotes in the books which actually gives very good feel while reading. Some of the best quotes in this book are below

Money is not taught in schools.  Schools focus on scholastic and professional skills, but not on financial skills.  This explains how smart bankers, doctor and accountants who earned excellent grades in school may still struggle financially all of their lives

Rich people acquire assets.  The poor and middle class acquire liabilities, but they think they are assets.

You and your children future will be determined by the choices you make today, not tomorrow.

Action always beats inaction.


One of the book which I amazed is “The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham”. Reason behind my amazement is because this book is written very long ago but still those fundamental (like margin safety) remains same for all value based investment styles. Author is the guru for world ace investor Warren Buffet. I have nt completed this book fully (pretty big book) and I hopefully will complete in this year.

Other book which gave very deep insights to food and food industry is the book written by S.Ramakrishnan. This book talks so clearly about how our foods are adulterated and how our food habits affects health. I recommend this book to any visitors who likes to get conscious thoughts about food.

Happy new year (2018)  to all the bloggers and happy learning. See you soon with new post.

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