Shanghai Hong Kong Connect – SHC

This is one of the initiative which I worked last year  and this one was pretty good learning. Let me give an overview this project and this is the first time China opening up the A-shares to foreigners. Because of this success there are even talks going on for Shenzhen link as well which is next big exchange in China. After working for this initiative only I came to know about Stock Exchange link concept ASEAN link, Shenzhen.  I will share the importance of linking the exchange in later post. Now we can see Shanghai Hong Kong Connect. Let me give an overview and continue tomorrow because my Saturday nights went with this blog and almost Sunday morning now 🙂 SHC is a link between Shanghai Exchange & Hong Kong exchange and using the link investors can trade using the local broker and clearing house.It  is the first controllable stock market(please note) access between the Mainland and Hong Kong by a broad range of investors. Eligible investors in Mainland China can purchase eligible shares listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange via their own local broker, while Hong Kong and international investors will be able to purchase eligible Shanghai-listed shares through their local broker as well. As part of this program Only A shares listed in Shanghai will be included in the initial stage.

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